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ENDOR Systems 2009 Ltd.
Cleanroom & Contamination Control

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                                ENDOR- Company Profile


Endor has over 25 years of reputation as a leading specialist provider of clean rooms and containment facilities for clients with diversified needs from a wide range of science and technology sectors.


Endor is a daughter company of Meptagon (former Kinetic systems Israel )


Endor provides one-stop-shop services that include initial advice, clean room design, construction and installation services as well as modification or refurbishment of existing facilities.

In addition, we offer clean room commissioning and qualification, validation, maintenance and servicing packages.


Whether it is a large turnkey facility with full mechanical and electrical services, a smaller localized controlled environment, or even just some initial advice, we are in business to find tailor-made clean room solutions.


 In addition, we offer cleanroom commissioning and qualification, validation,maintenance and servicingpackages.

Our certification programs verify that your facilities perform to appropriate international standards & client specifications. Included with all testing is complete documentation of the test results and certification of the rooms and devices tested.

An optional, customized formal report detailing test procedures, test results, and comprehensive conclusions of the testing performed can be included to suit your needs. All cleanroom testing is performed in accordance and compliant with the International Organization for Standardization [ISO].


Our technical expertise and know how is backed up by a professional support team, who share our company’s commitment to quality and service.


Our foreign partners, whom we exclusively represent in Israel, are world leaders in their fields, ensuring first class solution to your needs in the business:


  • Envirco (USA) – Fan filter units, clean benches, Laminar flow modules.
  • Trion (USA) – Air purification systems, Dust collection, and wet mist collection.
  • Esco (Singapore) – Biological safety cabinets, Laboratory fume hoods, Laminar flow workstations, lab incubators and laminar flow cabinets.
  • Flexcon (Taiwan) - clean room wall systems and ceilings.
  • Vero-Veria (Taiwan) - clean room access floors.
  • Klepp (Germany) - solutions for collecting and cleaning the air of pollutants such as solder fumes, solvent, glue or laser vapors fumes, and all types of dust.
  • Simplex Isolation systems (USA) – Modular mini environment structure, Airlocks, Vinil curtains & strip doors.
  • TEL (UK) – Airflow monitors & controls.
  • Hirayama (Japan) - Pharmaceutical & Medical Autoclaves & Sterilizers.
  • TOF (Italy) – laboratory taps and faucet fittings


Our clients span the science and technology sectors in Israel and overseas, including:


• Containment and laboratories • Healthcare • Microelectronics • Bio-technology

• Display Technology • Hospitals • Pharmaceuticals • General manufacturing

• Medical research • Universities and others.


Customer business relationships in our industry are built on a foundation of quality and service. With over 25 years of renowned reputation in this business, our technical expertise and experience alongside our professional support team are the reason we are regarded as the best in the field..